Beleza Clinic offers a variety of facials customized to each client’s skin type and concerns. A professional skincare expert will analyze your skin before providing you with a facial treatment. Rejuvenating and brightening facial treatments are offered using professional skin care products of the highest quality.Professional facial treatments provide many benefits, including: 


  • Enhances & maintains the elasticity of the skin
  • Provides relaxation & relieves stress
  • Helps to reduce signs of aging
  • Rejuvenates the skin by exfoliating & cleaning
  • Helps manage acne
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of scarring

Brazilian Radiance

Revives your skin’s luminosity, vitality, and youthful appearance. Includes double cleansing, exfoliation, personalized mask treatment, and final skincare products.

Hand Treatment for irresistibly soft hands. Enjoy gentle exfoliation, a soothing arm and hand massage, and a nourishing hand masque with warm mittens. Experience ultimate relaxation and emerge with velvety-smooth hands.

Amazonian Derma Glow

Regain your “baby-soft” skin! Dermaplaning gently exfoliates, eliminating surface layers and vellus hair, known as “peach fuzz,” for a smoother, more radiant complexion. This process enhances product absorption, too.

Carnaval Glamour

Pamper your skin with this exceptional and lavish enzyme therapy. Experience detoxification, firming, toning, and tightening for a more youthful look. This exclusive DMK (Danne Montague-King) enzyme treatment stands alone in its ability to induce vasodilation, known as the “plasmatic effect,” which boosts oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin’s surface.This comprehensive treatment includes double cleansing, detoxifying solution application, exfoliation, enzyme mask application, and concludes with finishing products accompanied by heat therapy.

Copacabana Royale

A Luxurious Facial Experience Designed for men, this treatment addresses razor irritation, providing deep pore cleansing  to revive vitality while ensuring optimal hydration and skin protection. Suitable for all skin types, this experience includes deep cleansing, with steam infusion, gentle exfoliation, a soothing face and neck massage, personalized masque application, and finishing touches with premium skincare products. Treat yourself to the Copacabana Royale and embrace a revitalized, masculine glow.